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06.02.2023 18:30

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Избор на дозираща помпа

Започната от trex700e, 12.02.2018 12:10

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При мен изтече едното шише, защото бях направил велика глупост - шишетата с разтворите бяха по-високо от помпата и от аквариума! Но този проблем с връщането и изпускането на помпите се решава с възвратни клапанчета за 40ст.
Този, който цял ден работи, няма време да печели пари - Джон Рокфелер


При мен добавката на магнезии прецака три перисталтични помпи,понеже е по-вискозен.Другите за калции и алкалност никакви проблеми.


GHL "проблемче" с помпа за 450 долара :-D :-D

! No longer available

Цитат от дискусията:
Like you said, it's not a straight forward call. You also don't need to tinker with it, so if it initially works, you're probably good to go.

GHL has a PC app, two iOS apps, Android app, cloud app. The PC app cannot stay connected to my doser, all the other are buggy. I find it unacceptable to sell a $450 doser with 2.5 year old mobile apps with majority of 1 star reviews. It's under the category of "you have one job".

I'm too exasperated to deal with any more GHL problems, I could write pages of bug-reports. If you get a bad one + have patience, I'm confident you can get it all sorted. Most likely, you won't get a bad one. I'm just out of patience.

When I look at their software bugs, I think they either don't care or aren't very good at SW. If you come to the later conclusion, then you just want to walk away from the platform. Reefer525XL had a similar experience where he sold his GHL and moved back to Neptune and was much happier.

А тук друга тема защо GHL отпада като възможност...

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